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Taste productions


2 hours 30

Seineweg 2

Ola Mafaalani created with her taste-team an evening for the senses of each sincere visitor.

Supported by three live musicians, brilliant three-star chef Jonathan Kelvin (Dragan Bakema) takes the audience on a journey through his ill-fated history. He loses his taste and as a result, he sees his world collapse and at the same time rebuild to another universe. Using images, music, high-end bites, smell and mindfucks, he continuously enchants everyone’s senses. The completely new theater experience ensures that nothing seems the same at the end of the evening.

Taste… A life changing experience!



The Dreamteam of taste standing with Ola

Michiel Stroink for your mind (writer)

Joep Beving for your ear (composer)

Victor Mids, Oscar Verpoort (mindfuck) for your confusion

Jacob Jan Boerma (3 star chef) for your taste

Guirec van Slingelandt for your hospitality(producer)

Karl Klomp , Roel and Berend Boorsma for your sight (video)

Floriaan Ganzevoort for your eyes (light)

André Joosten for your comfort (set)

Regine Standfuss and Cocky van Huijkelom for elegance (kostums).



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