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Kölner Schauspielhaus

January 6, 2002 - December 31, 2004

2 hours

Kölner Schauspielhaus, Germany.
Schauburg Wintherthur,

A main stage production that ran in Cologne, Germany for more than 2 years and traveled to Zwitserland.
About a man who killed his wife because his best friend Jago suggested he betrays him.

Shakespeare shows how manipulation works. How a civilised society changes in murder and  inrigue. A masterpeace that Mafaalani staged as brutal as the play is. The German public reacted strongly and it became a public hit. This production was invited and ran in the Schauburg Wintherthur in 2004.


The monster in his head drove him to kill her brutally. It had green eyes.


Daniela Bernoulli, Jorinde Kuiper, Claudia Fenner, Oda Pretschner, Markus John, Sven Walser, Dirk Lange, Florian Stiehler.


Ola Mafaalani

set Design

Andre Joosten


Regine Standfuss


Wim Willart


Ko van den Bosch

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