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NNT (has been renamed to NITE)

March 12, 2016 - July 16, 2017

9 hours

1, 2, 15 & 16 juli 2017 in Theater Carré Amsterdam. Adres: Amstel 115-125.

Before Carré Borgen performed in several main theatres in The Netherlands and Belgium and has being selected as one of the best performances in september 2016 in Theaterfestival Amsterdam and Theaterfestival Antwerp.

Borgen shows how a prime minister rises to power and how power changes a prime minister. The drama series performed a wonderful tour, sold out, received great critical acclaim, and garnered various nominations at theatre festivals. With “Borgen,” Mafaalani introduced a new live genre: binge-watching in theatre, which lasted for 9 hours.



NRC Handelsblad

"verpletterend spektakel" "Actrice Malou Gorter evenaart Knudsen moeiteloos" "Grandioos geslaagd" "Unieke saamhorige totaalbeleving" Door: Herien Wensink.

March 14, 2016

Het Parool

"Theaterversie Borgen gaat 10 uur lang over Nederland" "Indrukwekkend" Door: Sander Janssen.

March 14, 2016

De Standard

"Weergaloos televisietheater" "Had Shakespreare nog geleefd, dan zou hij voor Borgen een diepe buiging maken." Door: Wouter Hillaert.

June 8, 2016


Ola Mafaalani

Scenarioauthor, Menu suggestions

Adam Price


Ko van den Bosch, Ola Mafaalani

Casting (Oi Mundo)

Rebecca van Unen


Dirkje Houtman


Eef van Breen


Peter Zwart


Andre Joosten


Stefan Dijkman


Andrea Kränzlin Johanna Trudzinski


Jochem Stavenuiter


Kor de Vries, Lammie Post-Oostenbrink

Birgitte Nyborg

Malou Gorter

Kasper Juul

Peter Vandemeulebroecke

Katrine Fønsmark

Anna Drijver

Hanne Holm

Renée Soutendijk

Svend Saltum

Harry Piekema

Trompet en zang

Eef van Breen

Pernille Madsen/harp en zang

Eva Tebbe

Contrabas en elektrische bas

Stathis Elio

Cello en zang

Amber Docters van Leeuwen


Christos Yerolatsitis

Troels Höxenhaven

Dragan Bakema, Reinout Bussemaker

Bent Sejrø

Wim van der Grijn

Michael Laugesen

Bram van der Heijden

Torben Friis

Jochem Stavenuiter

Philip Christensen

Bram Coopmans

Laura Nyborg

Julia Akkermans, Sigrid ten Napel

Lars Hesselboe

Michel van Dousselaere

Amir Diwan

Mohammed Azaay, Mostafa Benkerroum

Ole Dahl

Peter Zwart

Magnus Nyborg

Sens en Imme Gerritsen Tijn en Robin Rongen


Sarah Janneh

Henriëtte Klitgaard

Whitney Sawyer

Ulrik Morch

Mourad Baaiz

Joachim Chrone

Anthony Ruys

cook on stage

Andre Amaro

Diner concept

Amaro Creative Industries


Amer Mari, Stephan Schölvinck, Ben Onwuka, Louis Ndjate, Rosemary de Souza, Siriki Diarrassouba, Collins Kwashie Agbezudor, Alexander Adetunji, Raphael Akinde, Mia de Jong, Assane Maïga, Robert Nyudi, Charles Afram en Mamud Kanu.


Wim de Vries, Zen Roorda

Borgen masterfully portrays the struggle for political power and the personal consequences for everyone involved. It depicts Birgitte’s journey through her first two years in office and the sacrifices she makes in both her public and private life.

Borgen, the the 9-hour event with dinner while watching, transforms all rooms of the main theatres into a set. Actors and the audience become part of a live series, experiencing an event spanning 14 episodes on and off the main stage. It offers a unique comfort akin to binge-watching. Actors serve your meal during scenes involving allegations of corruption, elections, debates, news, crises, and love. And whenever you wish, you can change your seating or take a walk outside.



Birgitte Nyborg, becomes the nation’s first female Prime Minister against all the odds. She doesn’t know that her heart will break. A fatal fate starts.

A prime minister wants to make a difference with all her heart and charm.

Our fantastic cast of 30 performers includes leading roles for Malou Gorter (Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg), Anna Drijver (journalist Katrine Fønsmark), Peter Vandemeulebroecke (spin doctor Kasper Juul), and Renée Soutendijk (political journalist).

Throughout the 9 hours, there is specially composed fantastic live music by the Eef van Breen Group.







A special guest is former Heineken CEO Anthony Ruys (CEO Chrone).

As if you sit at home watching a serie, this time live!

Millions worldwide watched the Danish TV series ‘Borgen,’ created by Adam Price with co-writers Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm and produced by DR, the Danish public broadcaster. Ola Mafaalani adapted this drama for the theater.

A complete, 9-hour theatre event with cliffhangers, preambles, live music, and dinner.

In 14 episodes, you live with Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg and her spin doctor Kasper Juul (Peter Vandemeulebroecke). It’s painful, funny, and a fight for justice and good leadership.

The wonderful love story unfolds between spin doctor Kasper Juul and the ambitious journalist Katrine Fønsmark.

The menu is created by Adam Price himself, the father of ‘Borgen’ and the scriptwriter of the series.

Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh
Foto: Freek van den Bergh

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